We have beautifully high sheen polyester filament thread for speed embroidery/sewing use.
Our Trilobal thread has very soft and flexible characters like rayon viscose. With our Trilobal Polyester, we also developed our new dyeing way “1inch pitched shade combination of variegate color”.
Each color shade is dyed in 1inch-pitch, therefore, you can enjoy its cheerful and pretty VA colors by our Silky High sheen Trilobal thread. Each pitch is clearly dyed and we can dye any kind of   materials like polyester, cotton, rayon and etc.

Please feel free to consult us.

Our polyester yarn has proper strength and beautiful silky shine.
We produce spun polyester & polyester filament for embroidery and sewing uses.
Please consult us your size and put-ups.
We can make it by your request packages for industrial use and also for retail sales.



Our 100% Japan made silk threads has extremely gorgeous shines and they can be used for sewing and also for embroidery uses. We produce both filament silk and spun silk threads.
About size, colors, and etc, please consult us.
We can produce decorative thread like mogul, mohair and etc for hand crafting.
And also, we can supply with raw white color by cone or hank conditions for your hand dyeing.


You can find your favorite ribbon form our various kinds.
Our decorative ribbons by silk, organdy, satin, and etc are popularly used for knitting, crafting, embroidery, and etc. If you have any specific ideas on ribbon, please consult us.
We shall set-up a production only to comply your inquiry.

Nylon Yarn


*Dyed Nylon Mono-Filament
We can dye NYLON MONO-FILAMENT in Solid color and also Variegate color.
We can color match you’re any of your request colors.
It is popularly used for sewing thread matching to fabric’s color, or for quilting thread with using on uni-color fabric and etc.

*Textured Nylon yarn
Our textured nylon yarn has proper strength for speed industrial sewing and knitting machine.
Our shiny shine on this yarn can also look very warm and nice as decorative threads.
We have various sizes and various color shades on hand.
Please consult us your ideas !!

Cotton Yarn


Our high quality cotton thread is specially designed for sewing/embroidery machine use with great performance and sew-ability.
We have various sizes, please consult us.
We can dye Variegate colors, you can enjoy very much with our high quality cotton thread with warm & natural looking!!

Bemberg (Cupra) Yarn


“ Bemberg (Cupra) yarn” is very unique material has similar characteristics to rayon.
Bemberg has stronger strength than rayon’s.
Bemberg is made by natural cotton linter, and this returns to the earth.
This is very gentle to the environment.
You will enjoy the silky shine on embroidery !!

Metallic Yarn


Our SN type metallic is specially designed to produce for speed embroidery machine use.
We developed this highest quality grade of metallic to solve the breaking problem by the speed machinery. Our SN type is constructed by pure silver metallic x nylon core with special paper to stand for speedy machinery use.
And also, we produce this highest quality thread by our special production process for smooth running. We also handle without paper quality by aluminum or pure silver metallic in many sizes and with beautiful color shades.  Please also consult us.

This is 100% metallized film without core yarn.
This is specially developed for speed embroidery machine use with great sewability.
You can get very particular looking with this Flat Metallic film.

Glow in the dark thread


*120d/2  (No.40),POLYESTER

Available colors : Natural white , Dyed white , Pink , Lt.Blue , Yellow , Lt.Green , Purple , Orange

This is unique thread that glows in the dark place with charging any available lights for a few minutes. You can enjoy the pretty pastel colors in light place (day time) and it glows powerfully in the dark place. Therefore, you can enjoy 2 ways double with using our newly developed Glow in the dark thread !! We developed this tread for speed embroidery / sewing machine use and embroidery lace and etc with great sew-ability.
It has proper elongation and strength to be able to stand for high speed machinery.
Our Glow in the dark thread has very powerful glowing power for about 8 hours.
This is popularly used for fashion apparel, sports wear, caps, kid's wear, recreation goods, wedding dress, interior, safety use, and etc etc !! Our Glow in the dark tread can help your products more valuable with your ideas !!


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